Educating New Zealanders About Lead

Lead poisoning is invisible, and lead is all around us. Let’s learn how to protect ourselves and our children.

Baby playing on carpet
Why does lead matter?

Preserving our potential

Lead steals IQ points, causes behavioural problems and ADHD. The effects are irreversible and can cause lifelong effects, to every system of the body. Other countries are doing better to protect their kids and educate their citizens. We should too.

Crash course in lead education

Passionate for Lead Safety

Staying up to date, using scientific background and knowing what it's like to have a lead poisoned child - to bring you the information and compassion to help you make your best choices for your whanau.




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Leadlight windows

December 14, 2023/

Windows like these are one way my son was poisoned by lead. I didn’t know at the time but have…

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